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About the study of key technology
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1  SRTCM( Standard TCM)

    It is the first time to use main active compound from TCM to build standard fingerprint for identifying TCM and its product. So it avoids the results inaccurate when using single reference to identify the TCM, also avoids confusion when using traditional fingerprint. And we will apply to patent at proper time. The following is the Example of Rhizoma Chuanxiong. 

1decahydro-4α-methyl-1-methylene-7-naphthalene33-butylphthalide43-butylidenephthalide6senkyunolide A7neocnidilide8、(Z-Ligustilide9、(E-Ligustilide


















2       Control of detrimental elements and toxic ingredients in TCM agents


       Including: pesticide residue, heavy metal, and aflatoxin. The above-mentioned detrimental elements will be controlled by us with the standards and methods synchronous with those in Germany, and in addition to this, the toxic ingredients in the TCM agents, like aconitine, pyrrolizidine alkaloids, and aristolochic acid, are also strictly controlled to ensure the safeness of medicines.





















3    Microwave drying and vacuum packaging 

      The drying process is the key technology for TCM production. The traditional drying method will cost much more time to dry the TCM, and cannot sterilize the microorganism. This problem is seriously influencing the exported TCM’s storage. Normally most of company uses Co60 radiation to solve the problem, while there is no security conclusion on Co60, and EU has forbidden using this method to sterilize the microorganism.

 To solve this problem, we use microwave-drying method, accompanying with the standard EU-GMP production process and vacuum packaging, which perfectly solved the problem. This method prolongs the storage life for TCM, meanwhile the microwave-drying method can dry the TCM at a low temperature, avoiding the volatile substance reduction.

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