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¡¾Agent Qualifications¡¿                                        
1.Qualification for dealing with herb medicine,TCM decoction pieces and herb extractive.
2.A stable distribution system in the country.                    
3.Sufficient working capital and good credit standing.             
4.A good transport and storage system.                     
5.Ability to expand market.                          
6.Rights for export and import.

¡¾Cooperative Terms¡¿  

1.Looking for the sole agency and regional protection.
2.Promoting products with the agent.                    
3.The agent promising to accomplish annual saleroom.             
4.The agent following the established price policy.                     
5.The agent accomplishing promised targets.

¡¾Favorable Terms¡¿                                        
1.Product provided at same price, price alteration permitted according to the market.
2.Discount and return according to the stock, turnover and promotion.;
3.Custom-made product (requiring a certain amount).             
4.Cooperation on market development plan at the beginning.                     



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